V3 for Insurance

Software for Insurance Administration

Transformative Insurance Software

V3 addresses voluntary, worksite, true group and direct insurance administration needs across a broad range of functions and product lines in a single, integrated, contemporary technology system.


Insurance Software

Speed to Market

Rollout new product lines, update existing offerings, and adapt to changing market demands more quickly than ever before. V3 gives you the speed and agility you need to capitalize on market opportunities, meet changing client needs and improve your competitive positioning.

Insurance Software

Customer Experience

V3’s unique features allow you to tailor everything from policy provisions to invoice formats and more to your clients’ specific requirements. V3’s rules-based engine, business process management tools and 360 degree customer service capabilities combine to help you deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Insurance Software

Modernization & Consolidation

With its complete suite of administrative capabilities and broad array of enterprise functions, V3 creates tremendous opportunities for system consolidation. With its advanced Java/SOA/HTML5 underpinnings it enables effective modernization and true transformation.

Insurance Administration Product Lines

Critical Care
Cancer Care

Capability Overview

V3 is a powerful insurance administration solution that can help your organization improve operations, expand service offerings, support growth, modernize and consolidate systems, and better respond to ever changing market demands. It offers a broad range of insurance capabilities and enterprise features, and it supports a wide array of administrative models.

Insurance Capabilities

  • Quoting
  • Case Implementation
  • Enrollment
  • Billing
  • Policy Admin
  • Commissions
  • Claims

Enterprise Features

  • Workflow
  • Dashboard/BI
  • Customer Service
  • Query/Reporting
  • Imaging
  • Correspondence
  • Integration

Admin Models

  • Group Voluntary
  • True Group
  • Worksite
  • Individual
  • Direct  & Ported
  • Self Admin
  • Third Party
Jigsaw Puzzle

A Complete Solution

V3 offers a complete suite of insurance capabilities and a comprehensive set of enterprise features in a single, integrated solution leveraging a single common database and user interface. This creates tremendous opportunities for system consolidation and data deduplication while potentially revolutionizing your administrative capabilities and service offerings.

Mix and match puzzle pieces

Modular Deployment

V3’s various insurance and enterprise modules can be used in any combination in a single installation. From standalone function-specific implementations to full life-cycle deployments, V3 can be tailored to your specific priorities and requirements. This also supports risk-mitigating phased rollouts in which an organization grows into its target state at its own preferred pace.

Clouds on computer

On Premise or in the Cloud

The V3 Cloud is a turn-key, cloud-based alternative to an on-premise V3 installation. It offers your organization a complete V3 infrastructure with no third party hardware, software or operating requirements. It contains costs, speeds implementation and greatly simplifies ongoing operations. It also delivers the very latest in security and high availability.

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