for Retirement

A Powerful Software Solution for Pension Funds and Administrators

Public Pension Benefit Features


  • Multiple ID Numbers per Participant
  • No Need to Process via SSN
  • Masked SSN’s
  • Multiple Addresses
  • Address Standardization
  • CASS Address Verification
  • Unlimited Dependents
  • Detailed Audit Histories

Participant Accounts

  • Tracking of Member Contributions
  • Ability to Handle Multiple Accounts per Participant
  • Direct Feed from Payroll Reporting
  • Interest Posting
  • Service Calculations
  • Refunds Processing
  • Buy Back Processing
  • AR and AP Management

Pension Processing

  • Estimate Generation
  • Final Pension Generation
  • All Options on a Single Estimate
  • History of Every Estimate Generated
  • “What if” Calculations
  • QDRO Administration
  • Workflow-Based Processing
  • Detailed Activity Log

Payroll Reporting

  • Employer Reporting
  • Employer-Location Reporting
  • Job Classes and Categories
  • Limitless Combo of Reported Attributes
  • File and Paper Based Reporting
  • Self-Service Reporting
  • Configurable Validations
  • Reporting of Wage Data
  • Reporting of Work Data
  • Reporting of Custom Data
  • Variable Reporting Periods
  • Variable Reporting Formats
  • Retro Adjustments

Service Credit Purchase

  • Configurable Purchase Types
  • Ability to Handle Multiple Active Purchases for a Participant
  • Missing Service Identification
  • Full or Partial Purchases
  • Purchase Cost Calculations
  • Ability to Establish Custom Payment Plans
  • Roll Over Processing
  • Billing and A/R Processing

Contributions Accounting

  • Contract and Rate Maintenance
  • Individual or Group Contracts
  • Reported Contributions
  • Calculated Contributions
  • Validated Contributions
  • Contributions for Any Number of Funds/Benefits
  • Retro Rate Changes
  • Prior Period Rebills
  • Discrepancy Billing
  • Credit Notices
  • Complete AR Management

Benefit Calculations

  • Highly Configurable Plan Rules
  • Ability to Handle Any Number of Plans
  • Definable Pension Types per Plan
  • Definable Pension Options per Type
  • Regular, Early, Disability, Death, Etc.
  • Single Sum, Straight Life, 10 Year Certain, etc.
  • Return to Work Processing
  • Custom Years of Service Calculations
  • Custom Average Final Salary Logic
  • On Screen AFS Back Up Detail
  • Base Benefit Calculation
  • Factor Based Reductions
  • Option Calculations
  • DROP Processing
  • Security Controlled Overrides

Retiree Health Calculations

  • Retiree Health Processing
  • Benefits Enrollment
  • Processing
  • Premium Calculations
  • Direct Billing
  • Deduction-Based Billing
  • Carrier Eligibility Reporting

Loans Processing

  • Configurable Loan Types
  • Ability to Handle Multiple Active Purchases for a Participant
  • Loan Eligibility Determination
  • Application Processing
  • Configurable Payment Plans


  • Benefit Disbursements
  • Roll Over Processing
  • Periodic or On-Demand Check Processing
  • Checks, EFTs and Direct Deposit
  • Split Payments to Multiple Accounts
  • Support for Feeds to Third Party Payers
  • Liens and Levies
  • Recoupments
  • Voids and Re-Issues
  • On Screen Check Images
  • Multi-Step, High Security Processing

Reporting and Integration

  • End User Reporting
  • Ad Hoc Reporting
  • Tax Reporting
  • Actuarial Reporting
  • General Ledger Integration
  • Import and Export Processing

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