The V3 Cloud

Fast, Secure Cloud-Based Software

The V3 Cloud is a turn-key, cloud-based alternative to an on-premise V3 installation. It offers your organization a complete V3 infrastructure with no third party hardware, software or operating requirements. It contains costs, speeds implementation and greatly simplifies ongoing operations. It also delivers the very latest in security and high availability.

Simplified Operations

The V3 Cloud is a turn-key, virtual infrastructure that eliminates third party hardware and software requirements, simplifies your operating requirements and can dramatically reduce your total cost of ownership.

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Data Security

The V3 Cloud employs a single-instance model in which your data is secured with vault-like protections using the latest physical and virtual security devices. Data level encryption, third party penetration testing, and security auditing ensure that your data is perhaps, even safer than in your own data center.

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High Performing

The V3 Cloud is a multi-site, virtual data center with near real-time replication and advanced recovery time and recovery point capabilities. It is highly fault tolerant, reliable and high performing. It is an excellent solution to your critical disaster recovery and business continuity requirements.


A Vitech High-Level-Design is the best way to scope, plan and estimate your V3 implementation.



Vitech’s professional services team delivers complete solutions from project management to final go-live.


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