Flexible, Consolidated Billing

V3 is an accurate, flexible billing system for both group and direct invoicing. It easily aligns with the unique payroll, payment, reporting and administration preferences of each of your group customers. It consolidates billing across products and even across carriers. It supports both list and volume based billing, and it handles the processing of both true-group and voluntary products.

V3 Cycle Builder supports the definition of almost any type of cycle easily handling 9thly, 10thly, skip month and other ‘difficult to handle’ billing frequencies. V3 Bill Builder enables the configuration of any number of presentation-quality billing templates. V3 automates payment posting and matching, and offers advanced tools for payment reconciliation. V3 Account features support payment reversals, splits, write-offs, suspense processing, and transfers. Billing can be implemented as a stand-alone function without Policy Admin or as part of a more complete V3 installation.

Billing Capabilities

  • List Billing
  • Self-Admin Billing
  • Group Bills
  • Direct Bills
  • Custom Bill Frequencies
  • Custom Bill Templates
  • Payment Posting
  • Payment Reconciliation
  • Deduction Files
  • Suspense Processing
  • Lapse Processing
  • Porting
  • Paid-Through-Date Calcs
  • Retro-Transaction
  • Retro-Rebilling
  • Self-Service
  • General Ledger Integration
  • Customer Service