Smart Sales, Rapid Onboarding

V3 can help streamline your sales, quote and case implementation processes. Leveraging its rules driven CRM, Workflow and Quoting tools, V3 orchestrates the otherwise complex, unstructured and high volume tasks in the quote to case life cycle. Dashboard intelligence, smart work-queues, and automated escalation allow for greater transparency, faster sales velocity and the ability to handle higher volumes with reliable results.

V3 Workflow and reporting functions provide management with the on-demand information they need to understand and manage the sales pipeline, while giving sales personnel the tools and information they need to more effectively fill the pipeline and close new business. V3 Case Setup and enrollment functionality speed and simplify the tasks, data and processes associated with client onboarding.

Sales Capabilities

  • Quote Generation
  • Quote History
  • Template-Based Correspondence
  • Forms Processing
  • Multi Products
  • Multi Plans
  • Multi Carriers
  • Process Management
  • Task Assignment and Routing
  • Automated Escalation
  • Intelligent Work Queues
  • Enrollee Communications
  • Dashboard Analytics
  • Pipeline Reporting
  • Customer Service