Business Intelligence

Global changes in investor expectations, investment complications and the regulatory landscape all drive an even greater need for true business intelligence and workflow-enabled business processing. Success must be underpinned by smart processing. V3 can streamline your processes as well as create intelligent data to help you make more informed decisions and achieve faster execution.

Achieve success with Business Intelligence through the Dashboard, Analytics, and Reporting tools.

V3 Dashboard offers a real-time view of your World at a glance. It is an integrated tool for users to manage key aspects of their daily work from a single place. Configurable dashboards give each user a tailored view into transactions, business processes and analytics. V3 Reporting provides point-and-click access to on-demand reports, allowing raw data to be transformed into useful and intelligent information. The system’s dynamic reporting capabilities support organizations in making faster and more accurate business decisions by leveraging key features, such as flexible filter capabilities, aggregation, sub-queries, parameter options, and go to links within the data set. The final results can be viewed within V3, exported to Excel, or even represented in a presentation-quality report that is linked to the inquiry.

Business Intelligence Capabilities

  • Point to Point Results
  • Inception to Date Results
  • Benchmarking
  • What-If’s and Projections
  • Time Weighted Returns
  • Graphical Performance Displays
  • “Canned” and Ad Hoc Reporting
  • Flexible Dashboards by Group