Fund Management

V3 is a flexible, front-to-back software solution for complex, multi-layer unitized and non-unitized fund structures. V3 can manage the full lifecycle of the fund, from Limited Partner allocations and communications to portfolio investment management. Fund capital transactions, fees and income/expense, and investment details can be allocated to investors, building out each investor’s capital account from these transactional details and allowing for immediate access to an investor’s position. V3’s capabilities help an organization provide their investors with more timely and accurate information.

Fund Management Capabilities

  • Subsequent Close Rebalancing and Equalization
  • NAV Processing
  • Transfers and Exchanges
  • Management and Performance Fees
  • Investor Reporting
  • Management Reporting
  • Performance Analytics

Portfolio Management

V3 optimizes the management of your investment portfolios by leveraging real-time transaction processing. All cash flows and journal entries are available immediately after posting for reporting. Investments can span across multiple asset classes in V3 including private equity, real estate, hedge and debt. A wide range of complex security types are available for your direct investments to provide the flexibility of tracking any type of investment transactions. The system’s streamlined processing capabilities and its integrated enterprise features can dramatically transform your organization’s day-to-day productivity and operations.

Portfolio Management Capabilities

  • Multi-Currency Holdings
  • Automated Interest Accruals
  • Rollforward Valuations
  • In-kind Distributions
  • Recallable Distribution Accounting
  • Automated Fee Calculations
  • Underlying Investment Tracking

CRM Capabilities

V3 CRM capabilities fully automate the generation and distribution of investor communications via advanced document management features including email and fax integration.

Dashboard & Analytics

Dashboard and Analytics provide the capability to perform detailed fund analysis, giving awareness into exposure, investment and investor performance and adherence to investment directives.

Fund Accounting

V3’s Fund Accounting features include a multi GAAP, multi-currency general ledger which allows for multiple charts of accounts per fund/vehicle. This allows for full support of multi domicile funds to report by any accounting standard. To streamline your day-to-day operations, V3 offers a fully automated and integrated accounting solution including the creation of journal entries from fund level transactions and portfolio cash flows as well as processing of period closing. A full suite of financial reports can also be generated from V3.

Fund Accounting Capabilities

  • Fully Customizable Charts of Accounts
  • Extensive Sub-Account Options
  • Multi-Currency Accounts
  • Automatic FX Translations
  • JE to Business Transaction Linking
  • “Four Eyes” Maker-Checker Features
  • Full Audit Trails