Workflow Diagram


V3 Workflow is a powerful tool for the automation and management of work processes. Workflow functionality allows an organization to define and implement its own business processes and rules. These processes may be launched manually or triggered automatically and can be configured to allow ad hoc flexibility or enforce rigid standard control.

Workflow offers all the capabilities of a stand-alone enterprise workflow solution including business process design, rule based routing, work inboxes, work queues, conditional steps, ad hoc steps, dynamic data attributes, automated steps, native imaging integration, and much more.


V3 Imaging is a powerful electronic document management solution. It is the gateway to an automated, paperless organization and seamlessly integrates with Workflow and CRM.

Imaging can be implemented to replace a legacy imaging system or as an organization's first imaging solution. Imaging supports barcode technology for document recognition and OCR functionality for automated claims adjudication.

Imaging Image


V3 CRM is a powerful customer service solution that consolidates and simplifies all touch points with customers. CRM provides one-click access to call logs, document histories, service trails, in-bound images and system-wide transaction information in a single interactive repository. Service representatives can log new calls, review prior calls, open and act upon workflows and tickets, generate documents and emails, review previously sent documents and emails, and access all of a customer's electronic records.

Telephony integration including "screen pops", challenge questions, call scripting and optional call recording make V3 CRM a complete solution. CRM is a fully integrated part of the overall V3 solution.


V3 Self-Service delivers online, real-time and web-based self-service capabilities to participants, employers, employees, providers and brokers. Customers can access data and execute transactions over the internet without the intervention of office personnel. Self-Service is highly secure, highly available and broadly deployable.

self service Image