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Pension Administration Solutions

Future-Proofing Pension Administration

Navigating the intricate landscape of pension fund administration demands a solution that not only meets but exceeds expectations. Enter V3locity, the answer to the complex needs and challenges faced by pension funds today. With its robust core administration functions and cutting-edge digital features, V3locity empowers funds to tackle their most pressing issues head-on, ensuring seamless operations and effective problem-solving for both defined benefit and defined contribution plans.

Experience the Benefits of V3locity

Scale with Ease

Adapt effortlessly to changes in your pension plan’s size with V3locity’s continuous upgrades and advanced AI capabilities.

Reduce Operational Costs

Automate and streamline administrative processes to significantly cut operational costs, including labor and human error.

Streamline Daily Tasks

Simplify and automate a wide range of operational processes and workflows, from enrollment to benefits payroll, making your daily tasks effortless and efficient.

Improve Customer Experience

Enhance satisfaction levels for pension members and employers with advanced digital capabilities and self-service options.

Make Decisions Faster

Utilize real-time data insights and analytics to make faster, more informed decisions in response to changing market conditions and member needs.

Remain Compliant

Stay up-to-date with regulatory requirements and minimize the risk of penalties and fines with V3locity’s built-in compliance features.


Vitech Implements V3locity for a Major U.S. City Pension Fund for Enhanced Service & Functionality

Servicing over 124,000 Department of Education employees, this fund implemented V3locity to enhance their digital member self-service and administration functionality.


Transform Your Approach with Vitech

Simplify Modernization

Unlock the power of modernization and consolidation within a cloud-native, zero-footprint, SaaS offering, making rapid ecosystem modernization easier than ever before.

Enable Straight-Through Processing

Experience true straight-through processing with V3locity’s digital self-service portals seamlessly integrated with core benefit capabilities.

Receive Ongoing Production Support

At Vitech, our clients receive continuous support and training, ensuring satisfaction and success throughout their journey.

Partner with our Experienced Team

With over 20 years of successful implementations, our expert team ensures smooth adoption and minimizes potential hurdles in V3locity implementations.

Expertise, Support, and an Ongoing Relationship

At Vitech, we provide continuous support, training, and dedicated account management to ensure the success and satisfaction of our clients throughout their journey.

Embrace the SaaS Advantage

Our innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) model keeps clients current with the latest advancements, mitigating risks associated with technology obsolescence.

Enhance Security with AWS

Heighten security with our AWS-powered cloud-based solutions, aligning with industry standards for Single Sign-On (SSO) and seamless technology adoption.

Transform Your Administration Systems

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