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V3locity Claims
Management Solutions

Unlock the Power of Automation

In today’s dynamic business environment, relying on traditional manual claims administration is simply not enough to meet the needs of modern consumers or keep up with operational demands. Our claims management software is designed to future-proof your business, empowering you with modern and automated claims administration capabilities that drive efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction.

Simplify, Automate, and Innovate

Relieve Administrative

Say goodbye to manual paperwork and cumbersome processes. Our intuitive platform guides users seamlessly through the claims journey, from initial incident reporting to benefit evaluation and payment processing.


Leverage advanced analytics and customizable configurations to identify trends, automate workflows, and significantly reduce claims turnaround time.


Our claims management software is continuously updated and improved based on market demands and customer feedback, ensuring that your operations remain at the forefront of technological advancements.

V3locity Claims Management Features

Digital Claims Intake

Simplify the process with self-service applications and policy interfaces that pre-fill information, making claims submission effortless for your customers.

Document & Content Management

Efficiently track and manage requests and documentation to expedite claims evaluation, including seamless digital document submission.

Financial Administration

Ensure accurate and timely payments with sophisticated coverage calculations.

Insightful Reporting

Gain valuable insights with embeddable dashboards and analytics, providing a comprehensive view of claims data for informed decision-making.

Dynamic Rules Engine

Enhance automation rates, automate task ratings, and minimize claims leakage with our powerful rules engine.

Seamless Integration

Enjoy seamless integration with your existing systems for efficient processing capabilities, optimizing operations across your organization.

Ready to revolutionize your
claims operations?

Explore the possibilities with our claims management software today.

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