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Elevate Your Pension Risk Transfer Strategy

Discover a solution designed to reshape and improve the efficiency of Pension Risk Transfer (PRT) and Institutional Markets. V3locity redefines the possibilities by integrating core administrative functions, cutting-edge digital features, and unparalleled configurability within a single, cloud-native platform.

Drive Efficiency and Innovation with V3locity

Streamline Modernization and Consolidation

Effortlessly transition existing PRT business and legacy group annuity products and contracts with V3locity’s Factory. Experience true transformation as V3locity empowers you to optimize operations and drive efficiency like never before.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Elevate service standards with V3locity’s rules-based engine and proactive annuitant outreach tools. Deliver an exceptional 360-degree customer experience that fosters trust and satisfaction at every touchpoint.

Boost Speed to Market

Rapidly introduce new products, modernize buy-out, buy-in, retiree lift out, and plan termination risk transfer offerings, and adapt to market changes with V3locity. Execute split deals, administer bulk checks, and manage plans swiftly. With robust data scrubbing and bulk annuitant loading tools, expedite deal setup while ensuring precision to meet plan sponsors’ demands.

Maximize Your Potential with Cloud Services

With V3locity, you can swiftly migrate to a cloud-native platform that orchestrates automation, streamlines straight-through and bulk processing, and utilizes analytics to optimize decision-making. Realize lower implementation and long-term maintenance costs with an out-of-the-box solution on a fully managed SaaS platform.

Case Study

Vitech Implements V3locity for a Tier 1 Insurer for PRT Growth

Learn how they overcame operational and technology challenges to achieve their ambitious goals.


Product Lines We Serve

By choosing Vitech, you invest in cutting-edge technology and secure a strategic partnership for your organization’s growth, adaptability, and success in the pension risk transfer market.

Pension Risk Transfer (PRT)
Terminal Funding
Structured Settlements
Individual Annuities
Qualified Longevity Annuity Contracts
Master Annuity Contracts

Transform Your Administration Systems

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