V3locity®, Vitech’s cloud-native administration, engagement, and analytics platform, is a transformative suite of complementary applications that offers full life cycle business functionality and robust enterprise capabilities. It marries core administration with a revolutionary digital experience. Its modular design enables flexible, agile deployment strategies. V3locity employs an advanced, cloud-native architecture that leverages the unique capabilities of AWS to deliver a solution with unparalleled security, scalability, and resiliency.


Modular Architecture

V3locity employs a multi-layered cloud technology stack, spanning data-driven user experiences, business applications, business rules, domain-specific and enterprise-wide modular microservices, federated integration and interoperability, all of which are deployed natively on the AWS Cloud while consuming a myriad of scalable and reliable AWS Cloud services. Low Ops considerations are designed into each cloud service during development to ensure service resiliency, redundancy, and 24×7 operations.

V3locity delivers on-demand compute and storage elasticity across AWS availability zones using AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Fargate, Lambda Serverless functions, Aurora Postgres, S3 object storage, and ElasticSearch.


V3locity’s microservices-based architecture is powered by a rich set of granular, domain-specific APIs and a robust orchestration gateway that facilitates access to all capabilities of the V3locity platform.

V3locity comes pre-packaged with an extensive library of APIs managed through AWS API Gateway to streamline interoperability. It uses RESTful interfaces and GraphQL queries, Kafka-based queue for message-based integrations, file-based exchange, and Data Lake for real-time streaming, large data processing, and analytics.


With microservices and domain-specific APIs, we enable a Federated Integration model where Vitech’s cloud-native services and 3rd party services can be orchestrated in the context of a business activity. V3locity comes pre-packaged with a growing number of ‘out of the box’ 3rd party integrations to cultivate a vibrant ecosystem of partners and value-add service providers around the V3locity platform.


AWS Cloud

We take full advantage of AWS’ cloud services platform to optimize our cloud delivery and operations. V3locity offers a turn-key solution that leverages the resiliency, scalability, and security features of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide clients with a highly secure, high-performing, and highly available operating environment, where components can be scaled dynamically based on demand.

V3locity leverages AWS’ global regions and multiple availability zones within each region to fulfill customers’ regional compliance and data residency requirements. We provide a service that operates across multiple availability zones simultaneously without degrading performance, which results in applications that are highly available, secure, fault tolerant, and scalable.

Vitech is an AWS Advanced Partner. The V3locity platform is recognized as an AWS Well-Architected solution and has achieved AWS Financial Services competency status. V3locity continues to incorporate additional AWS Cloud services such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Analytics to deliver differentiated solutions to our customers.


We build on Enterprise-Class security where all data is encrypted, both at rest and in flight, with encryption keys managed using AWS Key Management system for maximum privacy and protection. This is done for each storage type used by V3locity including the database, the file level, and at a block level. Keys are automatically rotated by the key management service based on configured policies.

V3locity embodies highest quality solutions and the safest, most secure environment for your sensitive data. We have demonstrated such value with our Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type 2 attestation. The SOC 2 Type II audit is conducted annually and further exemplifies Vitech’s commitment to practicing the most rigorous security and availability procedures to serve the critical data security and privacy needs of insurance, retirement and investment organizations that we serve.

and Extensible

We externalize configurations as cloud-native services and provide visual configuration tools to enable business configurability. Leveraging V3locity’s modular building blocks and native configurability, we have composed a series of dynamic and responsive digital experiences serving a wide range of personas, including employers, participants, providers, brokers, and investors.

Through externalized and visual configuration capabilities, extensive library of APIs, and pre-packaged product configurations and integrations ‘out of the box’, V3locity enables agile deployments that lower total cost of ownership and expedite time-to-market.


V3locity supports contemporary continuous deployment principles for building, testing, deploying, provisioning, monitoring, and DevOps integration.

Using continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines, we provide flexible options to ensure that we deliver applications that are always up to date.


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