Built on advanced, cloud-native architecture, V3locity harnesses the unique capabilities of AWS, resulting in an unparalleled solution with top-tier security, scalability, and resiliency. V3locity is a future-focused, cloud-native platform that transforms business operations through its modular architecture, AI-powered insights, orchestrated integrations, and robust security features.

Modular Architecture

V3locity’s multi-layered, cloud-native architecture ensures seamless performance and scalability. Its components include composable business applications, externalized business rules, domain-specific modular microservices, containers, PaaS infrastructure, event-driven interoperability, and a digitized pane of glass providing responsive, adaptive, and channel-agnostic user experiences. These components are natively deployed on the reliable and secure AWS Cloud.

The loose-coupled orchestrated services within V3locity’s architecture allow for the utmost horizontal scalability, where modules can be upgraded independently, and new services can be composed and added.

Embrace the future with confidence, knowing that our cloud-native solutions are ready to meet your evolving needs and drive your success to new heights.


V3locity’s microservices-based architecture leverages a diverse set of granular, domain-specific APIs and a robust API gateway, allowing seamless access to V3locity’s complete suite of functionalities. These APIs are orchestrated to support Macro-API composability and ensure efficient interoperability with external systems.

RESTful interfaces and GraphQL queries enable efficient communication and interaction with other systems. V3locity’s out-of-the-box, medium-grained RESTful APIs are stateless, support adaptable JSON payloads, operate under Oath2 token-based authentication, and support versioning.

V3locity’s microservices architecture opens doors to a data-driven future. Seamlessly integrate your systems and unleash the full potential of your data.

and Extensible

V3locity is designed to expedite your core administration initiatives with pre-packaged, domain-specific business capabilities and robust configurations. Our growing set of low-code and no-code extensions allows for easy visual configurations.

V3locity’s dynamic Marketplace ecosystem expands upon its capabilities for an enriched user experience. It hosts a variety of partners and service providers offering value-added Core, Digital, Data Analytics, and AI extensions. With V3locity’s Marketplace, you can create customized solutions for your unique business needs, accelerate your core administration processes, and seamlessly adapt to evolving industry demands.

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Data Fabric

V3locity enables near real-time streaming of transactional and interaction data, making critical information available instantly, and enabling quick decision-making and high responsiveness in a fast-paced environment.

Domain-specific data marts provide focused and specialized repositories for data storage and retrieval. These data marts cater to the unique needs of the unique industries we serve, optimizing data management and analysis for targeted business insights. Cutting-edge technologies such as NLP, AI, ML, and LLM facilitate continuous enhancements of these business insights. Their capabilities enable V3locity to process and analyze vast amounts of data so you can gain valuable and actionable insights into your business operations.

Generative AI technology has the potential to transform your business by delivering personalized experiences, automating repetitive tasks, and stimulating creative thinking, leading to improved efficiency and engagement. Vitech Labs is actively exploring the application of Gen AI in areas such as Policy and Claims Document generation, streamlining claims adjudication processes, and utilizing natural language processing to assist line of business knowledge workers and customer service representatives in better serving employers, employees, and members.


V3locity embeds security-specific tools and features across network security, configuration management, access control and data security. Its enterprise-class approach ensures top-tier security and safeguards sensitive data in-transit and at rest. In-transit encryption utilizes 1.2 while at-rest encryption uses the AWS Key Management System. This system encrypts data at rest and provides robust encryption key management, ensuring maximum privacy and protection for critical information. The network topology is divided into trust zones separated by firewalls. Data transfer between the zones is encrypted. By leveraging AWS’s advanced security features, V3locity guarantees data integrity and confidentiality.

We are committed to meeting industry regulatory requirements and privacy standards. V3locity undergoes regular SOC 2 Type II attestation to ensure compliance and that we are maintaining the highest levels of security and reliability.


V3locity employs an event-driven, continuous deployment pipeline, which enables a seamless and automated software release process. This pipeline ensures that builds are triggered first and then undergo rigorous testing on deployment artifacts. V3locity’s DevOps platform is exemplified by its platform, container, and infrastructure as a service capability, ensuring consistent and reliable deployments, reducing the risk of errors, and streamlining the release cycle.

Agile and iterative deployment methodologies allow for frequent and incremental updates. This approach enhances flexibility and adaptability, enabling you to respond swiftly to changing requirements and market demands. As a result, V3locity significantly lowers the total cost of ownership and accelerates time-to-market for new features and enhancements.

AWS Cloud Scale

V3locity utilizes a multi-layered cloud technology stack, deployed natively on the AWS Cloud. This architecture offers a robust and scalable foundation for the platform, ensuring efficient performance and seamless integration with AWS services. V3locity delivers on-demand compute and storage elasticity using AWS Fargate, Lambda Serverless functions, Aurora Postgres, S3 object storage, and ElasticSearch for full text indexing and search across the platform.

AWS Cloud Scale

V3locity is engineered with Low Ops considerations in mind, ensuring high service resiliency, redundancy, and 24×7 operations. Minimal manual operations and automated key processes optimizes service availability and reliability.

V3locity leverages AWS’s global infrastructure, with multiple availability zones in each region. This approach caters to your regional compliance and data residency requirements to ensure that all data remains within specified geographic boundaries, providing enhanced data protection and regulatory compliance.

Zero footprint, turnkey, 24×7, fully managed infrastructure eliminates the overhead of managing an on-premises or cloud infrastructure. Our cloud services cover a wide range of infrastructure and platform services, including provisioning and management of all pertinent cloud-specific services, vulnerability management and remediation, and disaster recovery.

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