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Vitech Receives Three XCelent Awards in Major Celent Report

Vitech Systems Group announced today that it has received three “XCelent” awards by Celent in the just released “North American Group/Voluntary Administration Systems 2020” report. In this comprehensive market survey, Vitech won the XCelent Advanced Technology Award, the XCelent Breadth of Functionality Award and the XCelent Service Award.

Vitech’s platform, V3locity™, is a cloud-based administration solution that helps insurance, retirement and investment organizations achieve their transformation, modernization and growth objectives. V3locity’s exceptional digital capabilities enable an “effortless customer experience” and create the opportunity to unleash a truly straight-through operating model.

As noted in the report, Vitech’s offering “is a feature-rich system supporting a broad range of Group and Voluntary products. The breadth of products is strong and includes… products that other systems do not support.” The report continues, “The user interface is attractive and functional. The configuration is flexible, …usability is quite good and Vitech’s ability to demonstrate the system is outstanding, (and their) customer feedback is quite good with scores above 4 in all categories. Overall, V3 is a top-tier system.”

“We are honored to receive these prestigious XCelent awards,” said Frank Vitello, Vitech’s CEO. “This recognition by Celent is a powerful testament to our cloud-based software’s ability to successfully transform an organization’s operations and rapidly enable new market offerings and capabilities.”

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