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Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, with more than 6,500 insurance specialists serving carriers in 39 countries. It works with 9 of the top 10 and 38 of the top 50 P&C insurers, helping them accelerate profitable growth, reduce costs and manage risk.

It is consistently ranked by most analysts as one of the world’s leading software integrators.

Accenture’s Life Insurance Practice aims to help Group and Voluntary Benefit insurance providers transform their market by providing unparalleled user experience, enabled by outstanding operations and technology. Accenture teams with Vitech to bring new technology solutions with a focus on intelligent plan design, intelligent underwriting, streamlined acquisition, accurate billing and modern self-service.


Accenture offers services across the life cycle including:

  • Accenture Strategy/Consulting services help clients to define business strategy, develop business case for change, develop plans for business transformation, and redesign business processes.
  • Accenture Technology provides services such as Vitech Systems Integration/wrap around services, Digital Services, and Data and Analytic Services, and Cloud services.
  • Accenture Operations provides streamlined services across new business, administration and claims.


  • Insurance Capability Matrix
  • Program Readiness Assessment
  • Program Preparation MasterPlan (Step-by-step approach,  assets, guidelines)
  • ROI – Business Value Assessment
  • Digital Transformation  Strategy Assessment
  • AI/ML/NLP Intelligent  Document processing
  • Tranquility Base – MultiCloud Landing Zone
  • Cloud-based Insurance  Integration Hub

Resources with Partner

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