Our Partners

GFT’s IT solutions focus on one critical goal: ensuring that each IT or business project creates real value for the insurance organization.

In addition to responding to new demands, insurance companies must continually offer new products and services with working processes designed to enhance both efficiency and flexibility. GFT’s global innovation team regularly develops new business models that focus on exponential technologies such as blockchain, cloud engineering, artificial intelligence, and the IoT.


  • Program and Project management
  • Enterprise Architecture & Strategic consulting;
  • Software, integration, functional and data Architecture
  • Business Architecture and Analysis (target, process, quality assurance);
  • Change management
  • Application Maintenance Services & Outsourcing
  • IT solutions, modules and custom development


  • Insurance Capability Matrix
  • Program Readiness Assessment
  • Program Preparation MasterPlan (Step-by-step approach, assets, guidelines)
  • ROI – Business Value Assessment
  • Digital Transformation 
  • Strategy Assessment
  • AI/ML/NLP Intelligent 
  • Document processing
  • Tranquility Base – MultiCloud Landing Zone
  • Cloud-based Insurance 
  • Integration Hub