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A Transformative Insurance Solution

V3locity is a powerful insurance administration solution that offers group, voluntary, worksite, and individual insurance capabilities in a single, powerful, integrated, cloud-native platform. V3locity’s extensive core admin functions, advanced digital features and fluid configurability make it a truly transformative solution.

Speed to Market

Introduce new product lines, update existing offerings, and adapt to changing market demands more quickly than ever before. V3locity gives you the speed and agility you need to capitalize on market opportunities, meet changing client needs and improve your competitive positioning.

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Customer Experience

V3locity’s unique digital capabilities, advanced customer servicing features, 360-degree customer view, options for straight-through processing, and persona-based operating model combine to help you deliver an outstanding and effortless experience to your customers.

Modernize & Consolidate

Offering a complete suite of administrative, digital, enterprise and analytic capabilities, V3locity creates unprecedented opportunities for system consolidation. As a cloud-native, zero-footprint, SaaS style offering, it also allows for rapid ecosystem modernization.


Product Lines

Group Insurance
Group Insurance
Group Insurance
Group Insurance
Group Insurance
Critical Illness
Group Insurance
Group Insurance
Group Insurance
Group Insurance
Group Insurance
Credit Protection
Group Insurance
Group Insurance

Go to Market!

V3locity’s flexible approach to rapid product definition, with the ability to configure plan, rider, option, rating, contracting, onboarding, enrollment, billing, benefit, claims and customer engagement rules all in a single repository, allows you to innovate and evolve your market offerings like never before. V3locity ProductCenter is the solution you need to Go to Market.

Quote, Rate and Propose

Smoother quoting, flexible plan designs, accurate rating, managed work processes and attractive push-button proposals will increase broker satisfaction and boost the efficiency of the sales process. What’s more – V3locity’s digital broker portals streamline the end-to-end quote process and seamlessly bridge sales and onboarding functions. V3locity SalesCenter offers:

Transformational Opportunities
& Functional Capabilities
  • Powerful Broker Portals
  • Reduced Time to Quote
  • Prospect and Opportunity Management
  • Multi Product, Multi Plan Quotations
  • Rating and Underwriting Workbench
  • Good Order Management
  • Proposal Document Generation
  • Sales Dashboards for Brokers, Reps and Execs

Contracting and Onboarding

Your new customer’s experience begins with their onboarding process. But, onboarding can be challenging with the amount of data and documents being exchanged. V3locity streamlines this process with:

Transformational Opportunities
& Functional Capabilities
  • Rapid, Accurate Onboarding
  • Seamless Quote to Contract Processes
  • Good Order Management
  • Contract Generation with State/Province Language
  • Electronic Document Exchange
  • Actionable Metrics and Analytics
  • Audit and History Tracking Across all Activities


Enrolling employees into the right plans with the right options and elections at the right time, while subject to eligibility rules and class designations can be challenging. But, it is also the heart of the group insurance business. Timely, accurate enrollment is the key to your success. An intuitive but flexible enrollment process that offers file-based and online digital capabilities will give you a competitive advantage and be the source of tremendous operating efficiencies. V3locity offers:

Transformational Opportunities
& Functional Capabilities
  • Employer and Employee Self-Service Based Enrollment
  • Straight-Through Digital Processing
  • Certificate Generation with State/Province Language
  • Automated Knockout and Eligibility Rules
  • Individual EOI/Underwriting Support
  • Actionable Metrics and Analytics
  • Audit and History Tracking Across All Activities

Policy Administration

Onboarding and enrollment processes result in group contracts and coverages that must be administered through the entire life of a client. This includes demographic updates, dependent and beneficiary tracking, life event processing, and contract amendments. V3locity streamlines, simplifies and automates this process, increasing customer confidence and improving satisfaction scores. V3locity offers:

Transformational Opportunities
& Functional Capabilities
  • Life Events and Coverage Changes
  • Contract Amendments and Versioning
  • Proactive and Retroactive Change Processing
  • Policy Porting and Conversions
  • Anniversary Processes and Logic
  • Audit and History Tracking Across All Activities


Flexible, timely, and accurate billing is critical to your bottom line and is one of the most critical drivers of customer satisfaction. Efficient billing will increase the satisfaction of HR departments and payroll providers. But, billing can be challenging, because you must provide a full menu of billing options, match employer payroll cycles, correctly handle payroll deductions, and support list and volume-based billing. V3locity offers:

Transformational Opportunities
& Functional Capabilities
  • Self-Service Billing and Payments Capabilities for Employers and Employees
  • List, Volume, Statutory, Individual, ASO and ATP Billing
  • Billing for Premiums, Fees, Expenses, Interest and Claims Costs
  • Flexible Payroll and Coverage Cycles
  • Modal Premium Conversions
  • Payment Matching and Tolerance Rules
  • Powerful Reconciliation Capabilities
  • Flexible Bill Formatting and Presentations


V3locity delivers the broker and commission capabilities that you need to streamline operations, accurately calculate and pay commissions, and ensure satisfied, motivated, and high-performing brokers. Online digital capabilities allow brokers, consultants and producers to access quote, onboarding, book-of-business, commissionable activity, and commission payments in a wide range of digital channel and device types. V3locity offers:

Transformational Opportunities
& Functional Capabilities
  • Self-Service Capabilities for Brokers
  • License and Appointment Tracking
  • Fixed, Flat, Graded, Scaled and Heaped Commission Schedules
  • Broker Splits, Vesting and Reassignments
  • Advances, Recoupments and Overrides
  • Commissions on Revenue Billed or Received
  • Flexible Commission Payment Cycles
  • Commission Statement Generation


Seamlessly integrated claims processing is the key to both claimant satisfaction and effective internal operations. V3locity provides advanced capabilities for the broadest array of product lines in the business, including life, health, supplemental health, dental, vision, disability, loss of time, credit insurance, travel and other products in a single, fully integrated solution. V3locity offers:

Transformational Opportunities
& Functional Capabilities
  • Self-Service Claims Capabilities for Employers and Employees
  • Electronic Claims Submissions
  • Advanced Auto Adjudication Rules
  • Benefit, Claimant, Coverage, Exclusion, PreX and Other Limits
  • ICD10, CPT4 and Custom Diagnosis, Procedure and Benefit Coding
  • Native Integration with MD Guidelines for Duration Determination
  • Network Maintenance, Fee and R&C Schedules, and Multi-Tiered Benefit Calculation
  • Good Order Management, Including Digital Document Request and Submission
  • Actionable Dashboards and Analytics

Fund, Investment and Retirement

Many of your insurance offerings may require underlying investment administration. This can include various types of retirement products, Variable Universal Life, Indexed Annuities, and more. This may require manager and fund tracking, pricing, estimated and final NAV’s, support for illiquid or capital call-based investments, investor allocations, or fund-of-fund and portfolio capabilities. V3locity is the unique solution that delivers complete insurance, investment and retirement processing in a single platform. V3locity offers:

Transformational Opportunities
& Functional Capabilities
  • Sponsor, Fund, Class and Series Tracking
  • Investor Allocations and Predefined Portfolios
  • Pricing, Re-Pricing, Estimated and Final Transacting
  • Four Eyes Processing Where Desired
  • Withdrawals, Loans, Transfers and Rebalances
  • Extensive Options for Balance Annuitization
  • Investor-Level or Omnibus “Investment Only” Processing

V3locity for Insurance Resources

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Digital Insurance Administration

V3locity for Insurance Administration

V3locity addresses voluntary, worksite, true group, and direct insurance administration needs across a broad range of functions and product lines on one cloud-native, integrated platform.

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V3locity Takes Digital Engagement for Benefit Providers to the Next Level

Vitech’s V3locity platform provides the modern, flexible, pre-integrated technology components, the responsive, persona-based design components and the straight-through processing capabilities needed to help benefit providers remain competitive over the long term.

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The Race to Win Business in the Group/Voluntary Market

As industry premiums continue to increase, carriers can attract more business by making group/voluntary products easier to purchase and reducing product costs, by implementing a modern core admin platform.

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