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Vitech Sponsors 2016 CORPaTH Summit & Crystal Globe Awards

Vitech, a leading provider of administration software to retirement, insurance, and investment organizations, has announced its sponsorship of the CORPaTH Summit & Crystal Globe Awards, held December 13-14 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“We are pleased to continue our support and sponsorship of the 2016 CORPaTH Summit & Crystal Globe Awards again this year,” said Jamie Vitiello, Vitech’s Executive Vice President. “We look forward to the opportunity to meet with the CORPaTH benefits community and help advance our industry.”

The CORPaTH Summit & Crystal Globe Awards is an annual conference for the CORPaTH International Pension Alliance. This year’s summit will focus on “Protecting, Promoting and Perpetuating Defined-Benefit Pensions,” and will offer presentations and informative sessions with industry experts to discuss issues critical to the current and future health of pension funds.

CORPaTH is an alliance of trustees, consultants, asset managers, administrators, elected officials and other professionals who perpetuate, protect and expand defined-benefit pension plans. CORPaTH’s core strategy is to advance the financial and policy influences of key decision-makers of defined-benefit pension plans and to accelerate unified actions with education, knowledge and commitment. Additionally, CORPaTH advocates on behalf of its membership and insist on high-quality corporate governance and responsible investment strategies.

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