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Vitech Sponsors RIT Women in Computing Hackathon Challenge

Vitech, a leading provider of software to insurance, retirement and investment organizations, sponsored this year’s Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Women in Computing “WiCHacks” hackathon event, which took place February 25-26, 2017 in Rochester, NY.

WiCHacks is an all women 24-hour hackathon hosted by RIT aimed at inspiring young women to pursue careers in computing. The hackathon is a collaborative programming event where participants create an app, website, game, or other piece of software over the course of the event. Hundreds of hackers and creative thinkers gathered to compete in various coding challenges.

As a sponsor, Vitech took part in the judging of best web app. The challenge involved creating a web application from scratch with four categories to choose from in the 24-hour coding marathon. A team of five students won in the category “Help children learn how to program.”

“WiCHacks was a great success and we enjoyed the opportunity to meet so many talented engineers,” said David Tonkin, Vitech’s Director of Human Resources. “The skills needed to succeed at WiCHacks, such as problem solving, communication, teamwork and leadership are highly valued and we hope these future grads will explore career opportunities at Vitech.”

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