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Vitech Unveils V3locity, a Groundbreaking SaaS Offering

Vitech, a provider of software to insurance, retirement and investment organizations, has unveiled V3locity™, a SaaS-based offering of its flagship V3 software. V3locity is a fully managed, public cloud-native solution that provides unprecedented performance, scalability, resiliency and security to V3 customers.

V3locity was announced at last weeks V3 Connect Users Conference in Orlando, Florida, where it was presented to over 100 current and prospective V3 clients.

Initially available via Amazon Web Services, V3locity will help organizations increase speed-to-market, improve administrative operations and expand customer servicing capabilities, all while simplifying operations and avoiding the need to deploy and maintain the increasingly complex computing infrastructure associated with running enterprise software. V3locity also unleashes an extended array of new features by pairing V3 with the ever-increasing power of public clouds, including artificial intelligence capabilities, automated regression testing and integration with home assistants, like Amazons Alexa.

We are extremely excited to put Vitechs thought leadership into practice with our V3locity offering, said Frank Vitiello, CEO of Vitech. V3locity will undoubtedly prove to be an immensely valuable offering to our current and future clients.

V3 is a highly scalable and configurable administrative platform that addresses the complex needs of insurance, retirement and investment organizations. It is an award winning, contemporary technology solution available on-premise, in Vitechs proprietary cloud and now in the public cloud.

About Vitech
Vitech Systems Group, Inc. is a leading provider of administration software to insurance, retirement and investment organizations. Vitech provides its clients with proprietary enterprise software, related implementation services and ongoing support. For more information, please visit