V3locity for PRT
& Institutional Markets

A Transformative Pension Risk Transfer Solution

V3locity for PRT & Institutional Markets offers capabilities for deals of all sizes in a single, integrated, cloud-native platform. Its extensive core administrative functions, advanced digital features, and fluid configurability make it a truly transformative solution. V3locity supports a wide array of product designs, pension plan rules, and features.

Speed to Market

Rollout new products, modernize buy-out, buy-in and risk transfer offerings, and adapt more quickly than ever before to changes in the market around split deals, lead administration, bulk check, cash balance plans, and deferred lives. V3locity provides the data “scrubbing” and bulk annuitant loading tools needed to set up new deals more quickly and accurately to meet plan sponsors’ needs and improve your competitive positioning in this unique market.

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Customer Experience

V3locity’s provisions and rules-based engine, digital self-service and annuitant outreach capabilities, and 360-degree customer service combine to help you deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Modernize & Consolidate

V3locity’s Factory provides data analytics tools and capabilities to support the conversion of existing PRT business and other legacy group annuity products/contracts. This creates great opportunities for system consolidation. With its advanced Java/SOA/responsive user design underpinnings, it enables effective modernization and true transformation.


Product Lines

PRT & Institutional Markets
Pension Risk
Transfer (PRT)
PRT & Institutional Markets
PRT & Institutional Markets
PRT & Institutional Markets

Onboard new clients faster!

Onboarding and case implementation in the group annuity and PRT markets is a repetitive process that must be done quickly and efficiently. V3locity enables you to onboard new clients faster than ever before with robust data scrubbing utilities and support for an array of product designs, pension rules, and features.

Empower Your PRT Administration

annuities-new-case implementation

New Case Implementation

Increase plan sponsor satisfaction by onboarding complex plans in weeks rather than months. Improve operational efficiency by capturing and implementing all complex pension rules and provisions upfront and ensuring accuracy and completeness of Census data.


Ongoing Administration

V3locity provides robust administrative support for defined benefit provisions, benefit calculations, and payment rules used in processing and paying retirement and death benefits – increasing operational efficiency and allowing you to focus on the highest value tasks.


Analytics & Reporting

V3locity’s advanced analytics and reporting capabilities enable you to optimize your business’ pricing, underwriting, valuation, cost of administration analyses, and resource planning.


Digital Self-Service

V3locity delivers a customizable, persona-based digital experience across both browser-based and mobile devices. Chat, secure message, and a robust knowledge base connects you to your customer even in a touchless digital paradigm.

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