V3locity for

Redefining Retirement Administration

V3locity is a powerful retirement solution that offers defined benefit, defined contribution, cash balance, and hybrid plan administration capabilities in a single system. V3locity’s extensive core administration functions, advanced digital features and fluid configurability make it a truly transformative solution.

V3locity for Public Pension Systems

V3locity for Taft-Hartley Plans

An Effortless Customer Experience

Advanced digital capabilities, a unique customer-first approach, web and mobile options, and natural language processing help you transform your operating model and deliver an effortless experience to your customers, employers, plan members and other constituents.

An Effortless Customer Experience
Daily Tasks Made Easy

Daily Tasks Made Easy

V3locity streamlines and automates a full spectrum of operational processes including enrollment, payroll reporting, contributions processing, eligibility, benefit calculations and benefits payroll.

Modernize & Consolidate

Offering a complete suite of administrative, digital, enterprise and analytic capabilities, V3locity creates unprecedented opportunities for system consolidation. As a cloud-native, zero-footprint, SaaS style offering, it also allows for rapid ecosystem modernization.


Straight-Through Processing

V3locity’s powerful digital self-service portals, seamlessly integrated with core benefit capabilities and working in harmony with V3locity DocCenter and eSignature capabilities allows you to implement and take advantage of true straight-through processing. V3locity Workflow and Dashboards give you real oversight and management capabilities while providing unprecedented operational transparency and insights.

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