V3locity for Multiemployer Pension Plan Administration

A Transformative Software Solution for Multiemployer Pension Plans

V3locity is an end-to-end software solution that addresses the full pension and benefits administration life cycle, including enrollment, payroll reporting, contributions processing, benefits calculations, and disbursements, in a single cloud-native platform. V3locity’s next-gen digital capabilities enable the highest level of member service.

A Complete Multiemployer Plan Solution

As a complete solution for multiemployer pension plans, V3locity supports retirement, health and welfare, and ancillary benefits administration. Its powerful enterprise functionality includes digital self-service, campaign management, workflow, CRM, ECM/imaging, reporting, and analytics.


  • Member enrollment
  • Contributions
    • Employer payroll reporting
    • Job classes and categories
    • Agreements & rate maintenance
    • Field audit
  • Benefits processing
    • Service retirement
    • Disability
    • Withdrawals & termination
    • Death & secondary
  • Service account calculations
  • Active and prior pension plan rules & provisions
  • Base benefit & options calculations
  • Payment processing
  • Purchases of service & buybacks
  • Health enrollment, eligibility, & billing
  • Claims adjudication & processing
  • Cash receipts & accounts receivable
  • General ledger
  • Tax reporting
  • Reciprocal service

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