A cloud-native administration,
engagement, and analytics platform

V3locity Overview

Success in today’s world of increasing customer expectations, unbounded technology options, and cost pressures requires unprecedented vision, agility, and execution. Your organization must pull ahead of your customers’ demands, your competitors’ offerings, and your industry’s efficiency benchmarks. This means continually crafting and implementing new strategies, offerings, capabilities, and operating models.

Through the effective leverage of cloud advantages, continuous innovation, and an accelerated delivery approach, Vitech helps organizations rise to this challenge and unleash their true potential. We deliver revolutionary capabilities and low-code configurability that enable agility, speed, and an effortless customer experience while reducing risks, simplifying operations, and containing costs.

V3locity®, Vitech’s cloud-native administration, engagement, and analytics platform, is a transformative suite of complementary applications that offers full life cycle business functionality and robust enterprise capabilities. It marries core administration with a revolutionary digital experience. Its modular design enables flexible, agile deployment strategies. V3locity employs an advanced, cloud-native architecture that leverages the unique capabilities of AWS to deliver a solution with unparalleled security, scalability, and resiliency.

V3locity’s Suite of Applications


“SaaS” Simplicity

V3locity is a fully managed, “SaaS” style, zero-footprint solution. It offers 24/7 operations, vast scalability, and high availability all backed by industry leading SLA’s.


The Power of AWS

V3locity is underpinned by the vast power of AWS and leverages the growing array of advantageous AWS technologies. This helps ensure that V3locity delivers ongoing innovations and improvements. V3locity is available in US, Canadian and European AWS regions.


Componentized Architecture

A powerful, cloud-native, micro-service architecture makes V3locity extremely flexible, resilient, agile and scalable. Its various applications and capabilities can be used in almost any combination and can be deployed using various roadmap strategies.


Continuous Innovation

Vitech’s consistent investment in V3locity’s capabilities, technologies, accelerators, and partner network ensures that V3locity is modern and next-gen, which gives your organization opportunities for continuous innovation and improvement.


V3locity CoreAdmin

V3locity CoreAdmin is the heart of the suite. It offers extensive capabilities for group and individual benefits and investment administration. It is suitable for use by insurance, retirement, and investment organizations and supports a broad range of products and offerings across the business lifecycle. From quote to claim, enrollment to retirement, and fund closing to final distribution, V3locity CoreAdmin offers the administrative capabilities you need to transform your organization.

An innovative and unique “World” model allows all members, employers, participants, investors, sponsors, funds, dependents, beneficiaries, and providers to be maintained in a single repository. This makes the solution incredibly effective to use, and easy to learn. More importantly, it ensures that the solution is built on customer-first principles from the ground up.

Powerful & Transformative
Capabilities Include
  • Powerful Broker Portals
  • Reduced Time to Quote
  • Prospect and Opportunity Management
  • Multi Product and Multi Plan Quotations
  • Rating and Underwriting Workbench
  • Good Order Management
  • Proposal Document Generation
  • Sales Dashboards for Brokers, Reps and Execs

Insurance Administration

V3locity is a powerful insurance administration solution that offers group, voluntary, worksite, and individual insurance capabilities in a single, powerful, integrated, cloud-native platform. V3locity’s extensive core admin functions, advanced digital features and fluid configurability make it a truly transformative solution. V3locity CoreAdmin addresses the full spectrum of policy administration needs ranging from onboarding, enrollment, underwriting, commissions, billing, amendments and renewals. Digital, SalesCenter, ClaimsCenter, and DocCenter make V3locity a complete quote to claim insurance solution.


Retirement Administration

V3locity is a fully integrated, highly scalable solution that addresses the complex needs of Public Pension, Taft Hartley, Canadian, and Pension Risk Transfer plans. CoreAdmin addresses a full spectrum of requirements including contracting, rates, enrollment, wage and contributions reporting, billing and collections, service credit purchases, refunds and buybacks, loans, plan rule definition, benefit estimate calculations and benefits payroll. Digital, DocCenter and CampaignCenter make V3locity a complete pension solution.


Investment Administration

V3locity is a powerful solution for alternative asset, fund, and investment administration. CoreAdmin addresses a full spectrum of requirements including unitized and non-unitized funds support, deal management, investor registration and servicing, fund accounting, portfolio administration and monitoring, and performance analytics. Digital, DocCenter and CampaignCenter make V3locity a complete investment administration solution.


V3locity Digital

Offering a truly effortless customer experience and harnessing the benefits of straight-through processing requires outstanding digital capabilities that put administration and servicing features in the hands of your customers and constituents. V3locity Digital, a persona-based digital solution that seamlessly integrates with CoreAdmin, delivers. It is a highly configurable, brandable, low-code, and responsive self-service solution that runs on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

V3locity Digital supports employers, employees, members and participants, investors, fund sponsors, brokers, and providers.

Powerful & Transformative
Capabilities Include
  • Demographics Maintenance
  • Quoting and Onboarding
  • Portfolio and Investment Information
  • Enrollment and Life Events
  • Billing and Payment Processing
  • Benefit Estimates
  • Benefit Application Processing
  • Documents Transmission
  • Online Form Submission
  • Claims Submission
  • News and Alerts
  • Secure Messaging
  • Interactive, Live Chat
  • Online Knowledge Based
  • Extensive Reporting and Analytics


V3locity ClaimsCenter

ClaimsCenter is a complete claims solution that is seamlessly integrated with CoreAdmin and Digital. It can be used stand-alone or as part of a complete, straight-through solution.

ClaimsCenter Supports a broad range of claims and product types including:
  • Life
  • Absence Management
  • Health
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Supplemental Health
  • Accident, Critical Illness, Hospital Indemnity
  • Credit Protection

ClaimsCenter supports electronic, file-based, online and manual claims entry. It can achieve extremely high auto adjudication rates for health and supplemental health claims. It includes an advanced provider master subsystem and fraud detection features. Claim risk rating and automated routing streamline internal processes. Good order rules, automated documentation requests and submission capabilities streamline external processing. True multi-tasking allows a claims operator to work with multiple claims at once while also accessing employer, provider, participant or plan data as needed. The system supports CPT, ICD, and custom coding. In combination with CoreAdmin, DocCenter and Digital, it is a complete, end-to-end claims solution.

Powerful & Transformative
Capabilities Include
  • Induction, Routing and Assignment
  • Risk Rating
  • Cross Claim Incident Tracking
  • Benefit Codes, Parameters and Rules
  • Auto Adjudication
  • Cross Claim Validations
  • Authorizations
  • Networks, Fee Schedules, and R&C Schedules
  • Accumulator, Limits and Exclusions
  • One Time and Recurring Payments
  • Case Management
  • Appeals Management
  • Notes and Overrides
  • Security and Approval Structures
  • MD Guidelines Integration
  • DocuSign Integration via DocCenter
  • Extensive Reporting and Analytics


V3locity CampaignCenter

Proactive, targeted customer communications is paramount for success in a digital era. It can also be critical for regulatory compliance, renewal rates, participant education and general customer satisfaction. V3locity CampaignCenter is a complete, bi-directional, omni-channel communication and engagement solution.

V3locity CampaignCenter targets the right content for the right participant or customer at the right time, using automated, configurable rules and logic. Any number of campaigns for an almost limitless number of purposes can be in process at the same time. Embedded analytics provide real-time campaign dashboarding, reporting and traceability. Seamless integration with CoreAdmin and DocCenter creates a complete communication solution.

Powerful & Transformative
Capabilities Include
  • Campaign Library
  • Reusable Campaign Assets
  • Target Identification
  • Population Segmentation
  • Journey Definition
  • Conversion Criteria
  • Paper, Email, Secure Message, and Text Communications
  • Multiple Modes for Participant Response and Feedback
  • Mass Mailing Integration and Opt-Out Management


V3locity DocCenter

V3locity DocCenter is an enterprise correspondence, forms and content solution that helps organizations deliver accurate, standardized, presentation-quality communications. It is a cloud-native application for the creation, management, distribution and storage of template-based documents, letters, forms and other materials. Document templates are created using Microsoft Word with a user-friendly and powerful V3locity plug-in. Templates are stored, managed and versioned in DocCenter.

Document generation can be triggered directly by business users or automatically as part of an outreach campaign, batch process, or other event-based trigger. Document generation can occur asynchronously and supports an array of output formats. Seamless integration with CoreAdmin, Digital and CampaignCenter makes DocCenter a complete communication solution.

DocCenter is suitable for documents including, but not limited to, Contracts, Certificates, Retirement Estimates, Benefit Booklets, Proposals, Quotations, Letters, and Notices.

Powerful & Transformative
Capabilities Include
  • Template Based Communications
  • MS-Word based Formatting
  • If Blocks, Reusable Text Libraries
  • Branding, Logos and Graphics
  • Embedded Documents within Documents
  • Attachments and Attachment Rules
  • Template Versioning, Security and Approvals
  • On Demand and Batch Based Output
  • Online, Electronic Output Storage


V3locity SalesCenter

Quote, Rate and Propose with unprecedented speed, flexibility, and accuracy. V3locity SalesCenter unleashes a fluid quoting process with flexible plan designs, automated rating calculations, powerful underwriting capabilities, presentation-quality output and advanced process management features. Integrated Digital capabilities offer a powerful, self-service, “store front” experience for your brokers, producers and individual customers. Dashboard, workflow, and task management tools streamline the end-to-end process and create a seamless transition from sold-case to onboarding.

SalesCenter Supports a broad range of claims and product types including:
  • Life
  • Disability
  • Health, Dental and Vision
  • Accident, Critical Illness, Hospital Indemnity
  • Annuities and Structured Settlements
  • Credit Protection
Powerful & Transformative
Capabilities Include
  • Online, Portal-Based Quoting
  • Shelf, Composite, and Individual Rating
  • Cross Product Rating and Discount Rules
  • Complete Underwriters Workbench
  • Multi-Product and Multi-Plan Proposals
  • Advanced Census data and File Management
  • Presentation Quality Proposal Output via DocCenter
  • DocuSign Integration via DocCenter
  • Streamlined Onboarding
  • Extensive Reporting and Analytics

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