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Success in today’s world of increasing customer expectations, advanced technology options, and cost pressures requires vision, agility, and execution. Your organization must pull ahead of customers’ demands, competitors’ offerings, and your industry’s efficiency benchmarks. This means continually implementing new strategies, offerings, capabilities, and operating models.

With continuous innovation, cloud advantages, and an accelerated delivery approach, Vitech helps insurance and retirement organizations rise to this challenge. We deliver advanced administration capabilities and low-code configurability that enable agility, speed, and an effortless customer experience while reducing risks, streamlining operations, and containing costs. Our unified data model, rules, and workflow engines empower cross-functional configuration, reporting, and overall operational control.

V3locity, Vitech’s cloud-native administration, engagement, and analytics platform, is a transformative suite of complementary applications that offers full life cycle business functionality and robust enterprise capabilities. It marries core administration with superior digital experience and augmented analytics. Its modular design enables flexible, agile deployment strategies. V3locity employs an advanced, cloud-native architecture that leverages the unique capabilities of AWS to deliver a solution with unparalleled security, scalability, and resiliency.

V3locity’s Suite of Applications


“SaaS” Simplicity

V3locity is a fully managed, “SaaS” style, zero-footprint solution. It offers 24/7 operations, vast scalability, and high availability all backed by industry leading SLA’s.


The Power of AWS

V3locity is underpinned by the vast power of AWS and leverages its growing array of technologies to deliver ongoing innovations and improvements. V3locity is available in the North American and European AWS regions.


Componentized Architecture

V3locity’s powerful, cloud-native, micro-service architecture makes it an extremely flexible, resilient, agile and scalable solution. Its applications and capabilities can be used in almost any combination and can be deployed using various roadmap strategies.


Continuous Innovation

At Vitech, we continuously invest in V3locity’s capabilities, technologies, accelerators, and partner network to ensure that we’re providing the most modern and next-gen solution for our customers.

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