Maximize your member outreach

Deliver personalized and cohesive member communications and gain key insights into your campaigns’ effectiveness with our multichannel campaign management solution. CampaignCenter will transform your member engagement by utilizing key data and analytics to provide the right message, to the right member, on the device of their choice. CampaignCenter is powered by AWS and leverages intelligence from V3locity’s robust suite of applications to enhance campaign strategy and administration.


  • Campaign Management. Manage campaign lifecycles and select appropriate audiences and delivery cadences.
  • Multichannel Correspondence. Send email, text, and physical mail, via reliable and secure message channels.
  • Audience Management. Design custom target groups for campaigns and leverage advanced filters on member data. 
  • Campaign Analytics. Use campaign analytics to measure subsequent reach and performance.
  • Conversion Metrics. Determine business performance of campaigns through conversion metrics.
  • V3locity Integration. Leverage the most current data from previously integrated V3locity applications.

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