Streamline your claims operations

In today’s competitive and digital environment, manual claims administration cannot meet consumer expectations or operational requirements to move business forward. V3locity ClaimsCenter can future-proof your business by enabling modern and automated claims administration. Powered by AWS, V3locity’s data lake will provide real-time data and analytics to drive insights that optimize your claims outcomes, enhance internal and external engagement, and improve service levels.


  • Digital Claims Intake. Utilizes policy interface and self-service applications to pre-fill information.
  • Document & Content Administration. Good order management, including digital document request and submission.
  • Financial Administration. Sophisticated payment functionality.
  • Query and Reporting. Embeddable dashboards and analytics for process optimization and a 360-view of Claims, Members, Incidents, and Coverages.
  • Dynamic Rules Engine. Improved auto-adjudication rates, automated rating of tasks, reduced claims leakage.
  • V3locity Integration. Integrates with CoreAdmin, DocCenter and Digital.

Vision and Insight

We are always looking to the future of the industry and creating innovative technological solutions for the top challenges companies face.

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V3locity ClaimsCenter

Our cloud-native, customer-centric solution streamlines claims operations, helps to gain the analytical insights necessary to optimize claims outcomes, and transforms engagement with internal and external stakeholders.

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Fast Track Your Claims Processing

While the group insurance industry remains highly commoditized, insurers whose technology can expedite the claims process and provide a seamless user experience for internal and external stakeholders will enjoy a significant competitive advantage and adjust faster to the evolving claims landscape.

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Better Privacy Laws Will Improve Health Claims Outcomes

Comprehensive data privacy laws would provide greater protection of consumer health data and pave the way for more efficient health claims review and rapid claims resolution via innovative solutions.

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