Empower Actionable Insights

Today’s businesses are challenged with utilizing the vast amount of data available to them. Isolated data islands, the lack of a unified data lake, the inability to access quick insight, and difficulty in triggering on-demand actions leaves companies with vast amounts of valuable intelligence, without the tools to fully utilize this information. DataInsight powers Vitech’s cloud-native data and analytics platform, leveraging AWS’ big data analytics with machine learning technologies that enables Vitech to build and deploy powerful analytics to maximize critical business insights.


  • Big Data Analytics. Process data from multiple sources including internal and external, static and streaming, on-prem and cloud, with the ability to scale as data sources and volume grow.
  • Actionable Insight. Data visualizations provide just-in-time actionable insights. Users can act directly within the dashboard interface or event-based triggering of automated actions.
  • Operational Automation. Automate manual business processes steps, for efficiencies and focus on higher-value tasks.
  • Augment and Convert Data Silos to Rich Business Insights. Combine transactional data with third-party information to provide additional business insights.
  • Open Data Platform and Data Marketplace. Defined interfaces allow data to be consumed and shared with customers and partners in their ecosystem.
  • Contextual Transformation. Configurable data provides easy to digest format for optimized access and analytics, making it easy to decipher for end users.
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