Uncover Actionable Insights

Transform transactional and interactional data into actionable business insights. DataInsight, our cloud-native data and analytics platform, leverages AWS’ big data analytics, AI, and machine learning technologies to deploy powerful analytical solutions to uncover critical business and operational insights.


Instant Analysis

Near real-time data streaming allows for accurate and instant access to critical insights for effective, data-driven decisions. Eliminate data silos and time-consuming data collation. Make decisions with the latest and most up-to-date data points.


Intuitive Experience

Intuitive, persona-focused analytical solutions simplify previously complex data exploration. Business users can drill down to the information needed to make an accelerated, data-driven decision, creating positive business outcomes for their teams and organization.


Infused AI

Intelligent capabilities such as NLP, AI, ML, and LLM technologies drive enhanced analytical insights that are provided just-in-time, or when the persona needs it. Accelerate decision making and allow users to focus on higher value activities.


  • Big Data Analytics. Process data from multiple sources including internal and external, static and streaming, and on-prem and cloud, with the ability to scale as data sources and volume grow.
  • Actionable Insight. Data visualizations provide just-in-time actionable insights. Users can act directly within the dashboard interface for event-based triggering of automated actions.
  • Operational Automation. Automate manual business processes for increased efficiency, allowing for more time to focus on higher-value tasks.
  • Conversion of Data Silos into Rich Business Insights. Combine transactional data with third-party information to provide additional business insights.
  • Open Data Platform and Data Marketplace. Defined interfaces allow data to be consumed and shared with customers and partners in their ecosystem for enterprise BI Analysis.
  • Contextual Transformation. Configuration capabilities allows data to be displayed in an easy-to-digest format, making it easy to decipher for end users.
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