Enhance your digital user experience

An effortless customer experience requires outstanding digital capabilities that put administration and service into the hands of your customers. V3locity Digital is a persona-based digital solution that seamlessly integrates with CoreAdmin for seamless straight-through processing. It is highly configurable, brandable, low-code, and runs on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. It leverages V3locity’s digital analytical solutions to provide a deeper understanding of your customers’ digital interactions, allowing you to make accelerated data-driven decisions for increased engagement and user satisfaction.


  • Demographics maintenance
  • Quoting and onboarding
  • Portfolio and investment information
  • Enrollment and life events
  • Billing and payment processing
  • Benefit estimates
  • Benefit application processing
  • Documents transmission
  • Online form submission
  • Claims submission
  • Commission statements
  • News and alerts
  • Secure messaging
  • Interactive, live chat
  • Interactive knowledge base
  • Reporting and analytics

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