Essentials for Enrollment Success: Takeaways from LIMRA ETSS


Technology partnerships was the hot topic at the Enrollment Technology Strategy Seminar last week in Atlanta, GA. The event was well attended by over 200 individuals from insurers, brokers, and enrollment technology providers. The conference drove home the theme of “partnering for success” with sessions, panel discussions, and a solution showcase that emphasized the importance of working together to create better enrollment outcomes.


A large focus of the event centered around the LIMRA Data Exchange (LDEx) Standards®. Designed to standardize the data formats transmitted between insurance carriers and benefits administration technology providers, its intent is to increase the timeliness of data, reduce errors, drive consistency, and improve the enrollment experience for employees. The use of LDEx was demonstrated during an interactive session hosted by industry experts to discuss implementation best practices for more easily integrating group insurance companies and enrollment vendors using middleware hubs like Ideon or Noyo. This approach can provide a single integration point to multiple enrollment vendors, using LDEx where possible.

Digital Divide

Another panel discussion focused on emerging digital needs, such as supporting non-traditional employees and attracting younger buyers looking for a more personalized experience. During a discussion on advancing digital capabilities, attendees voted enrollment as the area in most need of innovation in group benefits. Additionally, when asked about what we’d most likely be talking about two years from now, the panel chose customer experience.

Behavioral Economics

LIMRA ETSS also gave a sneak peek into an upcoming study that explores how incorporating behavioral economic techniques can increase member engagement for voluntary products. The study analyzes messaging options like storytelling, decision fatigue, information overload, setting an anchor value, and more. Ultimately, the findings suggest keeping messaging short, offering coverage recommendations, and taking a personal approach.

Final Thoughts

While the enrollment landscape remains challenged by the lasting effects of COVID, the great resignation, and the increase of non-traditional employment, digital technology has accelerated industry transformation. When LDEx is fully adopted and integrated, group insurers can expect improved processing times and a reduction in bottom line expenses. But, as with all major transformation efforts, there will be challenges to overcome before the benefits can be realized.

While the implementation timeline of the LDEx standards is unclear, group insurers need to continue their digital innovation journeys by focusing on elements they can control now, such as digital claims submission, decision support tools, and online eligibility updates. This conference set a clear message that investing in technology partnerships is the best way to improve overall enrollment success.

About the Author

Jacob Edds

Jacob Edds is Director of Business Development at Vitech Systems Group. He manages and executes V3locity sales strategies in the group insurance market. Before joining Vitech, Jacob began his career working for an international group insurance carrier. Jacob has significant experience in group insurance transformation, as well as a deep understanding of change management initiatives, carrier operations, and finance.