The Insurance Industry’s Disparate Disruptors (and How Leaders Should Embrace Them)

At Vitech, we have for years let our clients and our success in the market speak for us when they applaud our market-leading innovation, recognize our V3locity solution with annual industry accolades, and award us with repeat project engagements.

Today, we are starting a new chapter in our communications with our new blog, which will feature the fresh insight and perspective of our Insurance, Pension, and Investment subject matter experts. Our thought leaders will weigh in with timely commentary, industry observations, latest technologies, and trend news that can help you better understand your sector’s complexities, our V3locity platform, unexpected market challenges, and help you prepare for the future.

At Vitech, it is a privilege for us to help our clients leverage new technologies to revolutionize their businesses and facilitate strategies to surpass the competition. We look forward to providing you with insights that have only one thing in mind:  your continued success.

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About the Author

Charlie Sidoti

Charlie Sidoti is the Executive Director of InnSure, an industry-funded not-for-profit with a mission to foster innovation in insurance. InnSure’s integrated programs are designed to help insurance professionals and organizations survive and thrive by improving their ability to respond to the disruptive forces that are reshaping the industry. InnSure provides a roadmap for corporate sponsors, experienced industry talent, and outside contributors to connect, innovate and move the insurance industry forward, together. To learn more, visit