Press Release

Vitech to Sponsor the 2019 PRISM Conference

Vitech, a leading provider of administrative software solutions, announced today that it is sponsoring the 2019 PRISM Conference, taking place May 12-15 in Indianapolis. This year’s conference theme is “The Pursuit of Better…Better Processes, Better Technology, Better Pensions.”

“Vitech’s innovative V3 software helps organizations in ‘the pursuit of better’ via advanced administration, digital and customer service capabilities,” said Jamie Vitiello, Vitech’s Executive Vice President. “We look forward to sharing ideas and strategies with the public pension community at this year’s PRISM gathering.”

The PRISM conference is held annually to provide opportunities for IT leaders of public retirement funds to collaborate and share their experience with new technologies. PRISM’s membership is made up of public retirement funds from throughout the United States and Canada, as well as several multi-national pension funds.

About Vitech®, V3® and V3locity™

Vitech Systems Group, Inc. is a leading provider of administration software to retirement, insurance and investment organizations. Vitech provides its clients with proprietary enterprise software, related implementation services and ongoing support.

V3 is a highly scalable, configurable administration platform that addresses the complex needs of retirementinsurance and investment organizations. It is an award-winning,  contemporary technology solution available for both on-premise or cloud-based deployments via Vitech’s V3locity Service.

 V3locity is a turn-key, AWS-based alternative to an on-premise installation. It is V3 encapsulated inside of a powerful, proprietary management layer that provides smooth, effective operations 24x7x365. It is a fully managed platform that delivers tremendous scalability, security, and reliability with minimal upfront expenses and a predictable, contained long term cost model.