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Vitech Systems Group Unveils Summer 2023 Enhancements for V3locity, Empowering AI Innovation and Enhanced Digital Servicing

Vitech Systems Group, a leading provider of cloud-native administration, engagement, and analytics solutions, announced today the launch of its Summer 2023 enhancements for V3locity. This latest release introduces a range of improvements and additions, further advancing V3locity’s AI-powered analytics and digital servicing capabilities. The enhancements extend to V3locity’s core industry cloud offering for Group Insurance and Retirement administration, enabling organizations to unlock innovation and improve member servicing.

“The Summer 2023 enhancements bring a host of exciting features to the table, including AI-powered analytics that accelerate data-driven decision-making, workflow analytics for optimized operations, and digital self-service campaigns for personalized member engagement,” said Ali Kheirolomoom, Vitech’s Chief Product Development Officer. “With a focus on AI innovation and enhanced digital servicing, this latest release propels V3locity to new heights, empowering organizations to unlock innovation and elevate member servicing for the digital era.”

Key highlights of the Summer 2023 Enhancements include:

AI Powered Analytics

Accelerate data-driven decision making with operational and industry tailored analytical dashboards. Intuitive visualizations and AI augmented business queries provide critical insights, while simplified data exploration with Natural Language Query empowers business users and reduces reliance on IT resources. Additionally, AI-driven document intake capabilities streamline support processes, enhancing customer service and reducing turnaround times.

Workflow Analytics

Monitor and optimize V3locity’s workflow operations with enhanced workflow analytics dashboards. Capture sub-processes within workflows through Milestones and analyze Milestone Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in near real-time, leading to improved productivity and faster turnaround times.

Digital Self-Service Campaigns

Drive personalized experiences and engagement with Digital Self-Service Campaigns in CampaignCenter. Effortlessly segment member audience, create tailored content, and deliver personalized campaign experiences through V3locity’s Member Self-Service digital channel in real-time, without the need for coding expertise.

Synonym Matching & Smart Mapping

Simplify the data importing process with V3locity’s Synonym Matching and Smart Mapping capabilities. Intuitive no-code configuration tools enable quick and easy data importation, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Work Reports

Experience enhanced usability, security, data integrity, and audit log capabilities in Work History, Work Report, Transactions, and Payment functionalities. Additional self-service customization options empower employers to manage accounts, transactions, and payments more efficiently. Sorting, filtering, and bulk record and error processing enhancements further streamline processes.

Employer Self-Service

Introducing a new feature that elevates the support provided by Employer Self-Service (ESS) users. Run combined retirement estimates for members and access previously run estimates, enabling ESS users to provide comprehensive information and answer member questions effectively.

Retirement Estimates

Display retirement estimates from any external sources in the Combined Pension Estimate widget in Member Self-Service. This central point allows members to view all estimates, regardless of origin, simplifying the retirement planning process.

Pension Applications

Benefit from usability enhancements in pension application functionality, catering to both retirement and Pension Risk Transfer (PRT) use cases. A significant enhancement enables the selection of a payment form from two different groupings, consolidating them into a single benefit entitlement upon retirement.

Enhanced Product Versioning

V3locity’s group insurance product versioning supports the ability to create and maintain multiple versions of the same product along with their state filing and sales life cycles. It ensures that rules specific to the selected product version are maintained end-to-end throughout the lifecycle of a case, facilitating seamless employer and member management.

Digital Enrollment Wizard

An enhanced Digital Enrollment wizard delivers a next-generation enrollment experience for members and employers. The flexibility to configure multiple products within a single enrollment session empowers efficient and streamlined enrollment processes.

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