V3locity for Taft-Hartley
Pension Administration

A Transformative Taft-Hartley Software Solution

V3locity is an end-to-end Taft-Hartley software solution that addresses the full pension and benefits administration life cycle, including enrollment, payroll reporting, contributions processing, benefits calculations, and disbursements, integrated in a single cloud-native platform. V3locity’s next-gen digital capabilities enable the highest level of member service.


  • Enrollment, contributions, and retirement application processing
  • Employer location reporting
  • Job classes and categories
  • Variable reporting periods and formats
  • Hours tracking across employers
  • Revisions and corrections
  • Pension plan rules and provisions
  • Health claims adjudication and processing

A Complete Taft-Hartley Solution

As a complete solution for Taft-Hartley funds, V3locity supports retirement, health and welfare, and ancillary benefits administration, all in a single platform. It addresses the full spectrum of Taft-Hartley business requirements including agreement and rates management, work and wage reporting, contributions remittance and collections, benefits eligibility determination, pension processing, and health claims adjudication. Powerful enterprise functionality includes digital self-service, CRM, workflow, imaging, and reporting.

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